I am the hole on the flute that God's breath flows through.”

— Eckhart Tolle

The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind.”

— Maria Christina Mena


Please contact Linda for a Trial Lesson!

704-728-7461 or lessons@LindaDumizo.com

Studio Policy of Linda Dumizo


1. Tuition - Please pay for the monthly tuition at the first lesson of the month, for the month in advance. Linda accepts payments in a variety of ways, please discuss that individually.

2. Attendance - If your child is too sick to go to school, please do not come to the lesson.  If you contact me as soon as possible,  I will give you a credit for the following month's tuition rate.  If you can't come to the lessons for other reasons that week, please call me to see if we can find an alternate day or time to meet so that the student does not miss the weekly lesson. Parents, please do not leave your other children unattended while Linda is in the teaching studio.  You are responsible for your children at all times.  Please be sure to give your child a snack and a drink before the lesson, and wash hands so as not to share germs.  Thank you!

3. Assessments - Linda will use the first four lessons to observe new students in areas related to interest level, completion of assignments, and general musical abilities and readiness for private lessons.  Basically it gives Linda and parents a month to try things out and then to review how lessons are going and to be sure that the student is working at their highest ability and is interested in continuing with lessons.  

4. Studio Closings - If schools are closed due to the weather, the music studio will also be closed.   If Linda is sick, she will notify you as soon as possible.  

5. Books/Supplies - Please bring all of your music books to every lesson, and be on time. Linda will place book orders and you may reimburse her at the next lesson.  It's best to have a tote bag to carry supplies in, a note book to write assignments in, a metronome, cleaning rags for flute, music stand for at home practice time, and a binder for hand outs.  Linda will explain all of this in greater detail at the first lesson.

6. Practice Time - Students should be practicing their music assignments every day! Find creative ways to help your child develop the discipline of daily practicing and keep your reminders as positive as possible so that the joy is not taken out of the music journey.  If your child is not going to their instrument on their own, at least sometimes, then perhaps they are not very interested, please discuss this with Linda.  A young child will need daily guidance to practice, a simple phrase could be " please show me what your songs sound like", or " can you teach me to play your songs?".  Go to the piano with your child the first few times, and share in their experience of learning to play and read music. Also be sure to provide a quiet location, away from TV and phones,  for the student to practice and concentrate best.  There are many helpful articles about encouraging a practice routine online.  Linda will email ideas any time you need advice.  She will also go over the basics about practicing, at the first lesson, and as the child is progressing.  Eventually, more practice time is needed as the child grows into more challenging music.